Sunday, 10 October 2010

Level 42 30th Anniversary Tour - Music Hall Aberdeen

I had the honour of photographing my favourite band, Level 42 from the pit on 4th October as part of their 30th Anniversary tour at The Music Hall Aberdeen.

Mark King authorised the pass via his tour manager, Kevin Hopwood (Kylie Minogue/Mark Knopler)
I shot the first three songs from the photo pit, then Kevin kindly let me shoot the rest of the show from the auditorium, where most of the better shots came from)

Pete Ray Biggin (Incognito/Amy Whitehouse) joined the tour to take over drumming duties from Gary Husband, who was double booked with John McLaughlin.

The lighting and backdrop was a joy to work with and I got a large number of keepers.
A special feature of the show, which wasn't included in the U.S leg of the tour was Mark, Mike and Nathan doing a roto-tom drum solo during '43'.

I also got to cover the entire set of the support band, The Mighty Mo, featuring another highly respected bass player Yolanda Charles and was able to supply her with a good set of images.

I was shooting for run by Carl Mueller and the images are up on the site now.
Mark King is getting the hi resolution print images and Morgan Roussell, webmaster at the offical Level 42 site has been in touch regarding adding them there.

My Facebook page and email inbox has gone nuts since publishing the images as I have a couple of the band members as friends. 30 years on and there's still a lot of love out there for this band!

Here are some of my favourite images from the night. (click on the images for a larger view)

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